Milliken Table Linens Chambray

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Classic meets modern with our new Signature Stripe Chambray and Expressions lines.

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Why Switch to Cloth?

reduce noise levels
Reduce Noise Levels

Noise is cited as the top complaint by restaurant-goers nationally—more annoying than bad service or high prices.

improve ambience
Improve Ambience

82% of U.S. restaurant-goers associate tables set with cloth with a better restaurant experience.

waitress setting the table
Lower Costs

The average U.S. consumer uses three paper napkins per meal, compared to one cloth napkin.

See why table linens matter
Bluewater restaurant black napkins on a table
Adding linens to bare tables was a quick fix but the biggest surprise to me has been that business has increased and the cost of the linen hasn't affected me at all. We've decided to stay with linens from now on.
photo of Dan Riordan
Dan Riordan
Owner of Bluewater Grill
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Signature Stripe
We are in the business of creating experiences, so every step is important to us. We actually had customers asking us how they could get the napkins because they were so impressed that they wanted them for home use.
Indaco chef
Hear From Michael Perez
Executive Chef at INDACO
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milliken signature
We use Signature® on our tables at High Cotton because it is consistent and made in the USA, which is meaningful to us. Having a fully dressed table helps us convey the ambience we wish to project to our customers.
Chet Green
Chet Green
General Manager at High Cotton
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